Beginner's Tutorials

The lectures will be a follow-up of  the online course "GF Tutorial for Resource Grammar Writers: a fast lane to grammar writing", recorded in 2009. Slides are available and video recordings:

The GF system, simple multilingual grammars

  • What GF is
  • Installing the GF system
  • A grammar for John loves Mary in English, French, Latin, German, Hebrew
  • Testing grammars and building applications
  • The scope of the Resource Grammar Library
  • Exercises

Morphological paradigms and lexica

  • Morphology, inflection, paradigm - example: English verbs
  • Regular patterns and smart paradigms
  • Overloaded operations
  • Inherent features in the lexicon
  • Building and bootstrapping a lexicon
  • Nonconcatenative morphology: Arabic

Building up a linguistic syntax

  • The key categories and rules
  • Morphology-syntax interface
  • Examples and variations in English, Italian, French, Finnish, Swedish, German, Hindi
  • A miniature resource grammar: Italian
  • Module extension and dependency graphs
  • Ergativity in Hindi/Urdu

Using the Resource Grammar Library in applications

  • Software libraries: programmer's vs users' view
  • Semantic vs syntactic grammars
  • Examples of semantic grammar and its implementation
  • Interfaces and parametrized modules
  • Free variation
  • Overview of the Resource Grammar API

Inside the Resource Grammar Library

  • Module structure
  • Statistics
  • How to start building a new language
  • How to test a resource grammar
  • The Assignment