Web applications of GF


 Thomas Hallgren


Some of the grammar based functionality available in the GF shell, is also available through the GF web service API. In this session, we will cover implemented functionality and show examples of how to write applications based on it. While the GF web API can be used to write a wide range of applications in a wide range of programming languages, we will focus on web applications. We will look at the small Javascript library used to build recent web applications, like the Tourist Phrasebook, the Minibar, the Translation Quiz and the Syllogism Solver. The library includes objects for accessing the GF web service and for building user interfaces. We will also go through the steps necessary to run the GF web service on your own computer. For testing, the easiest way is to use the standalone HTTP server included in GF, but for production services, it might be desirable to integrate the GF web service into an existing web server. We show how to configure the GF FastCGI service in Apache httpd and lighttpd. We will also see how to compile GF grammars to Javascript. This makes it possible to build client web applications (e.g. applications that run entirely in your locally installed web browser), with the advantage that they also work offline.


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