Programme synopsis

Preliminary programme

Structure of days 16-19 and 22-25:
  • 9.30-12.30 lectures
  • 13.00-15.00 lunch
  • 15.00-18.00 supervised work
  • possibility to work outside these hours
  • day 15 starts at 17:00 and day 26 ends at 15:00 to permit travel on the same days
Please see the calendar for printing an agenda.

Introduction Week

Mon 15: registration, coming together (late afternoon)

Tue 16: Getting started with GF: multilingual grammars

Wed 17: Morphology and lexicon. Project proposals (afternoon)

Thu 18: The Resource Grammar Library and its use in applications

Fri 19: Linguistics of the Resource Grammar Library. Attempto Controlled English (N. Fuchs). Visit Sagrada Familia (17:00-19:30, tapas afterwards)

Second week

Mon 22:
  • RGL track: the structure of the RGL, getting started with the work
  • Application track:
    • Web applications of GF (Thomas)
    • Android applications (Grégoire)
  • Theory track: Dependent (Krasimir, Ramona)

Tue 23:
  • RGL track: Experiences from previous RGL projects
  • Application track: Introduction to SMT and its standard tools (Cristina España)
  • Theory track: Parsing and efficiency (Krasimir, Peter)

Wed 24:
  • RGL track: Experiences from previous RGL projects
  • Application track: MOLTO's case studies 6 and 8 (Jordi, Ramona)
  • Theory track: Hybrid systems (Cristina, Ramona, Krasimir)

Thu 25:
  • RGL track: RGL, hard linguistic problems, language typology
  • Application track: Building a larger translation system, MOLTO 7 (Cristina, Ramona, Adam)
  • Theory track: Ontologies (Krasimir, Ramona)

Fri 26:
  • Project presentations by participants
  • Surprise talks
  • official programme finished with lunch

Possible supervisors:
    • RGL track: Aarne, Jordi, Ramona, Hans, Wanjiku, Laurette, Shafqat, Malin, Krasimir, Adam, Markos, John
    • Application track: Thomas, Krasimir, Grégoire, Ramona, Jordi, Aarne, Olga, Cristina, Inari, Sebastià, John
    • Theory track: Krasimir, Hans, Ramona, Cristina, Aarne