About the school


GF school history


The first GF Summer School took place in 2009 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The summer school was organized by the Language Technology Group at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The group is a part of the Centre of Language Technology, a focus research area of the University of Gothenburg.


The summer school is a collaborative effort to create grammars of new languages in Grammatical Framework, GF and  new GF applications. The new grammars are added to the Resource Grammar Library, which currently has 18 languages. The School will address new languages and also promote ongoing work in those languages which are already under construction. Missing EU languages are especially encouraged.

In addition, the course will serve those interested in getting an introduction to GF or an overview of on-going work. The school will begin with a 2-day GF tutorial.

Results of the summer school

All results will be made available as open-source software released under the LGPL license.


The list of school attendees is attached here below.
Olga Caprotti,
Aug 19, 2011, 7:11 AM